A while ago, out of a whim, we went to this famous food court late one evening and had supper there. It was a rare occasion as we rarely go out pass 9pm. We met this old lady who was manning the stall we ordered our snacks from (it was deep fried #cakoi, and it was good) , she looked like any typical old lady, nothing out of the ordinary, what caught my attention was her voice.

Her voice was hoarse, deep, and barely audible. I had a hard time hearing her, it sounded like her vocal cord is damaged. As she came over to clean up our table, I struck up a conversation with her, I asked her what happened to her vocal cord? She then told me how she had a bad cough many years ago, and when she visited the doctor, the doctor inserted a viewing tube through her mouth, and damaged her vocal cord, she never recovered from it. As this happened at a time where most people aren’t familiar with alot of medical procedures, she wasn’t compensated for the doctor’s mistake.

I told her how bad I feel for her, she smiled at me, and patiently told me how she has a different perspective. She told me it was lucky that she isn’t completely mute, that she’s still able to speak (albeit it takes great effort to get her words audible to the listener)

I remember thinking, what a great lesson it was for me, to have the ability to look at things with a different perspective. Instead of ruminating on how bad certain experiences were for me, or the costs of the mistakes I’ve made, I need to view them as lessons I’ve learnt.

As the saying goes “The World Changes when we changes our perspectives”

#sibu #sibufood

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