Book Notes : Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Image by Who also wrote a fantastic review on the book. Book notes from Digital Minimalism, written by Cal Newport. I am forever grateful for this book, it has made me re-evaluate my relationship with digital tools (esp social media) , and many practical tips that I can implement into my daily life. Book notes from Digital Minimalism As Socrates explained to Phaedrus in Plato’s famous chariot metaphor, our

Physical degeneration and mental health : I’m gonna kill myself

Yesterday, there was a little commotion going on at our neighbour’s. Apparently he locked himself outside of his house, and he didn’t have a phone with him. So he went over to my mother in law’s house (which is right next to our house) to have her call his wife, I don’t want to go into details, in the end everything was resolved because apparently, his son was inside the